Newsom Most Likely to Stand Up for Our Region in Water Fight

California’s governor is important not just here, but across the nation and even around the world, so it matters whom we choose to lead our great state.

At the risk of sounding irredeemably self-centered, it matters even more here in the Northern San Joaquin Valley. That’s because our region of 1 million is under attack by the State Water Resources Control Board. The next governor must not only understand our battle, but be willing to rein in an out-of-control state agency or at least alter the conversation.

That’s why we’re recommending Gavin Newsom for governor. Frankly, not much separates him from most of the other viable candidates. He’s reliably liberal in a liberal state, stressing wages, education, the environment and sensible gun rules. We worry he’s not as frugal as departing Gov. Jerry Brown, but few are.

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